Amcor to Research Innovation in Packaging and Material Science Setting Up More Centers in Europe

Amcor Company

Amcor has expanded its packaging innovation hubs globally. Alongside existing centers in the US, South America, and Asia Pacific, the company has inaugurated the Amcor Innovation Center Europe (AICE) in Ghent, Belgium.

The AICE is set to spearhead new material technologies aimed at sustainability while emphasizing user-friendly designs. At the Innovation Center Europe, Amcor assists brands from concept to shelf using its ‘Catalyst’ approach.

This co-development methodology aims to create packaging solutions that consider a brand’s market, consumer needs, sustainability and recyclability requirements, and existing production lines.

To support this process, the AICE facilitates various activities. The Material Science Center develops packaging materials to reduce the carbon footprint, such as recycle-ready mono-material solutions that match the performance of common mixed-material solutions, and biobased and recycled polymer alternatives.

Amcor Company

The center also supports advancements in high-barrier paper packaging and vapor-deposited nanocoating.

The Customer Engagement Center hosts collaborative sessions and features an on-site retail simulation area where packaging appeal and usability can be tested, along with kitchen, living room, and bathroom settings for interactive consumer and marketer engagement with packaging.

The on-site prototyping lab can create different packaging solutions for test participants to try.

The E-Commerce Lab tests and certifies packaging according to ISTA 6 standards, ensuring suitability for shipment through Amazon and other e-commerce distribution chains.

The forthcoming Packaging and Recycling Test Center will feature small-scale packing lines that mimic brands’ own packing lines for in-house machine trials, and recycling equipment that Amcor claims will allow it to evaluate packaging for real-world recyclability.

Amcor Company

Amcor has committed to developing all its packaging to be recyclable, compostable, or reusable by 2025, and to significantly increasing its use of recycled materials.

In line with this sustainability commitment, the Amcor Innovation Center Europe is housed in a building designed and constructed according to BREEAM sustainability certification standards.

Amcor Capsules recently announced plans to launch its plastic foil made of aluminum and paper, ESSENTIELLE, in partnership with champagne producer Moët & Chandon. The companies aim to achieve a lower carbon footprint and increased recyclability compared to conventional solutions.

Last month, SIG and MassChallenge Switzerland announced a strategic collaboration to boost the development of new technologies and sustainability-focused innovations in the material science industry.

MassChallenge Switzerland provides creative entrepreneurs with mentorship and access to its partnership network, while SIG aims to connect with start-up companies driving innovation and value creation in the industry, helping to identify and support emerging trends for future development.

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