U.S Retailers Need to Integrate Custom Sizing Tech to Improve Shopping Experience

FaceChange by Makip

As fashion retailers aim to improve the digital shopping experience, they encounter considerable challenges in implementing consumer-centric digital technologies.

Addressing these challenges necessitates innovative strategies and technologies that cater to customer needs and enhance the shopping journey. One such innovation is Makip’s FaceChange, an advanced online sizing technology.

Retailers often grapple with integrating new technologies into their existing systems, ensuring data privacy, and providing a seamless user experience.

Accurately predicting consumer preferences and sizes without physical try-ons adds another layer of complexity. Ensuring the technology is user-friendly and secure is crucial for gaining consumer trust and adoption.

FaceChange by Makip is the latest development of Makip’s highly accurate online sizing technology, Unisize. This exemplary solution directly addresses these challenges. Launched in Japan in 2023, FaceChange leverages AI to offer precise online sizing recommendations.

Users upload a photo of their face, which is then placed on the model displaying the clothing, helping them visualize the fit more accurately.

FaceChange by Makip

This approach not only personalizes the shopping experience but also significantly boosts conversion rates by over four times.

Digital sizing capabilities like FaceChange have a profound influence on consumer purchasing decisions. By providing accurate size recommendations, shoppers gain confidence in their choices, reducing the likelihood of returns.

This technology aligns with the industry’s shift towards sustainability by minimizing the carbon footprint associated with multiple shipments and returns.

Makip’s Unisize technology ensures that consumers receive the correct size on their first purchase, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty.

The implementation of digital sizing technologies has shown measurable improvements in customer engagement and conversion rates.

Retailers using FaceChange have reported significant boosts in sales and reductions in return rates. The personalized experience fosters a stronger connection between the consumer and the brand, leading to higher levels of customer satisfaction and repeat business.

FaceChange by Makip

Looking towards the future, digital sizing technologies are poised to evolve further, incorporating more sophisticated AI and machine learning algorithms.

Emerging technologies such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) could offer even more immersive and accurate fitting experiences. These advancements will continue to transform the online retail space, providing consumers with enhanced tools to make informed purchasing decisions.

The integration of AR and VR into online sizing solutions could revolutionize the way consumers shop. Imagine a virtual fitting room where shoppers can see a 3D representation of themselves wearing different outfits.

Such technologies could significantly enhance the buyer experience, making online shopping more interactive and engaging.

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