E-commerce Customers Are Increasingly Opting for Out-of-Home Parcel Deliveries

Geopost - Out-of-Home Parcel Deliveries

Locker provider Geopost attributes its growth largely to international flows from exporting shippers, such as those from China.

Out-of-home delivery solutions for online orders are gaining popularity, with 44% of regular e-shoppers in Europe preferring their parcels to be delivered to nearby lockers instead of their doorsteps.

This marks a five percentage-point increase over 2022, according to French parcel locker provider Geopost.

Out-of-Home Parcel Deliveries

Consumers are increasingly opting for out-of-home delivery due to its flexibility and affordability, with 51% of regular e-shoppers typically using more than one delivery location, the company reported.

This demand has driven a steady rise in locker and parcel shop deliveries, which now account for 23% and 24% of usual delivery locations, respectively, up by 3 and 4 points from last year.

A key driver of this trend is the growth of international flows from exporting shippers. Geopost’s “2023 E-shopper Barometer” survey, released in February, found that cross-border out-of-home deliveries grew by 43% in 2023 compared to 2022. This trend has continued into Q1 2024, with a further 75% increase in these volumes.

Out-of-Home Parcel Deliveries

An example of this expansion is the 2023 decision by Chinese e-commerce logistics giant JD Logistics to extend its international express delivery options to 23 countries across North America and Europe, supported in part by a strategic collaboration with Geopost.

In response, Geopost has achieved a 25% growth in parcels delivered out-of-home in 2023 versus 2022. The company operates through its commercial brands DPD, Chronopost, BRT, SEUR, and Speedy.

Geopost’s network includes a combination of parcel shops and lockers, offering delivery options to a locker, a parcel shop, a neighbor, or a workplace. As of the end of April 2024, Geopost’s network encompassed 110,000 pickup points in Europe.

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