US Based Cocktail Courier Acquires Thirstie to Expand Business

Thristie With Cocktail Courier

Cocktail Courier, the US-based e-commerce business specializing in cocktails, has acquired Thirstie, a provider of enterprise software tailored for the spirits industry.

ShakeStir, the parent company of Cocktail Courier, highlighted that this acquisition will enhance its offerings for spirits brands.

Established in 2014, Thirstie collaborates with brands to boost their e-commerce sales, providing software solutions for online storefronts and delivering consumer analytics.

Two years ago, Thirstie secured investment from Republic National Distributing Company, a major US distributor.

Cocktail Courier

Customers can browse Cocktail Courier’s website to order cocktail kits and gift sets. These kits feature popular cocktails such as margaritas or cosmos, incorporating brands like Grand Marnier from Campari and Wild Turkey Bourbon.

Cocktail Courier emphasizes that its platform empowers brands to “increase revenue, foster engagement, and leverage valuable consumer insights.”

In a statement, ShakeStir, operating under the name Cocktail Courier, explained that this acquisition will enable liquor brands to offer new consumer experiences on their websites.

The transaction will enable brands to sell bottles and exclusive online products such as cocktail kits directly to consumers through their digital platforms.

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