Cardstream and Mastercard to Introduce Click to Pay Service for Smoother User Experience

Mastercard Click to Pay

Cardstream, a leading financial services company, has announced a new partnership with Mastercard to globally deploy its innovative Click to Pay service to Cardstream customers.

Click to Pay revolutionizes the checkout experience by embedding an optimized checkout process directly into existing integrations.

This eliminates the need for manually entering card details and enhances the guest checkout experience by allowing consumers to manage their cards through a single profile that updates automatically.

Mastercard reports significant improvements since implementing Click to Pay, including a 50% reduction in checkout times and up to a 3% increase in acceptance rates.

With digital transactions becoming increasingly prevalent, there is a growing demand for solutions that ensure smooth and secure checkout processes. Cardstream continues to collaborate with partners to develop technologies that meet these needs.

Cardstream and Mastercard

This partnership represents a milestone for Cardstream Group, building on recent achievements such as the launch of its pioneering PayFac as a Service (PFaaS) in Europe last year.

Adam Sharpe, CEO of Cardstream, commented on the collaboration with Mastercard: “Integrating Mastercard’s Click to Pay into our ecommerce portfolio provides our customers with a significant competitive advantage.

It allows consumers to conveniently access their preferred cards across various devices without the need for manual card details or passwords. At Cardstream, we are committed to leveraging technology to offer seamless and precise solutions for our partners and their customers. This partnership underscores our dedication to that vision.”

Suren Nawalkar, Senior Vice President for Business Development, UK and Ireland, emphasized the benefits of Click to Pay: “Many online shoppers still rely on guest checkouts.

Click to Pay offers a fast and convenient solution that eliminates the need to remember multiple passwords. We are working closely with partners like Cardstream to ensure their customers have access to the latest advancements in payment innovation and technology.”

Cardstream anticipates continued growth, with significant year-on-year revenue increases projected for 2024 based on robust demand and a strong order backlog.

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