Walmart Home Delivery Service to Further Extend to 10 Million Households

Walmart - Inhome

Walmart is extending its reach to an additional 10 million households, providing them with the convenience of having groceries and everyday essentials delivered right to their doorstep, garage, or kitchen.

In a press release issued on Friday (May 31), the retail giant announced the expansion of its InHome delivery service to include major cities like Boston, Detroit, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, and three California cities: San Bernardino, Riverside, and Ontario.

With these new locations, InHome now caters to over 45 million homes across 50 markets, offering a faster and more convenient way for customers to tackle their daily errands, stated Haley McShane, general manager of InHome, Walmart U.S.

Walmart – Inhome

“We understand that customers are busy and want to make sure that they can have a seamless shopping experience that fits their needs,” McShane expressed in the release.

Introduced in 2019 initially in Pittsburgh, Kansas City, and Vero Beach, Florida, the delivery service has since made millions of successful deliveries to customers’ homes.

To utilize the service, customers can order eligible items on or through the Walmart app and choose an InHome delivery window.

An InHome associate then completes the delivery, using a one-time access code to unlock the customer’s door or garage, while wearing a camera to document the entire delivery process.

Walmart – Inhome

Customers have access to the recording for up to a week following the delivery.

InHome is offered as an add-on to a Walmart+ membership, with both monthly and yearly subscription options available.

In 2021, Walmart noted a growing preference for home delivery, particularly amid the pandemic, and positioned InHome as a convenient solution for customers transitioning back to work, enabling them to continue receiving groceries without needing to be present for the delivery.

Similar to Walmart, Amazon also provides a comparable service with its Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery, which expanded nationwide in 2021 following a successful pilot program in 2020.

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