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Amazon Bedroom Accessories

We all need a decent night’s sleep, and having a tranquil bedroom can make all the difference in enhancing your sleep experience. A well-designed bedroom doesn’t have to break the bank, and if it enhances our sleep and the time we spend in it, then what’s to contemplate?

If you want to transform your bedroom into a luxurious haven, there are handy accessories suitable for all budgets to improve the space. From hotel-quality pillows to chic bedding sets and all of the luxe trimmings to create the perfect sleep-scape, we’ve curated a list of must-haves for every interior setting.

These items are all from Amazon; however, retailers such as Dunelm and John Lewis also stock a wide variety of items for the bedroom. Keep reading to discover our top-rated picks and start your journey to a more restful and elegant bedroom.

Cosi Home Luxury Memory Foam Pillows

Wake up feeling refreshed with these premium pillows from Cosi Home, with two available on Amazon for £45.99. One customer has dubbed them ‘real deal’ with a five-star rating for the product.

Packed with ultra-soft shredded memory foam and cooling particles, these pillows aim to ensure your comfort throughout the night and promote a refreshing sleep experience. Remove some foam filling to achieve your desired pillow height.

For ergonomic head and neck support, these pillows use market-leading 40D memory foam, offering a slower bounce back compared to the standard 20D foam. This superior support helps to reduce muscle tension in your head, neck, shoulders, and back.


Cosi Memory Foam Pillows – Pintuck Duvet Cover

Luxury Pintuck King Size Duvet Cover

There’s nothing more enjoyable than getting into fresh bedding, and you can’t beat the hotel feel when it comes to going to sleep. For those looking for a luxe-looking set at an affordable price, this Pintuck bedding set is perfect to add the finishing touches to your bed.

Now down to £24.99 from £27.99, the king size bedding set comes with two king size pillowcases along with a duvet cover. An elegant pinch, pleated design adds an element of elegance to your bedroom decor.

A hidden zipper closure makes it easy to insert your duvet, and the super soft fabric ensures you’ll stay cosy all night long.

Aooshine Bedside Lamps Set of Two

With an excellent 4.5 rating on Amazon, this set of two bedside lamps is perfect to add a little touch of luxury to your bedroom. Shoppers can get the efficient and chic lamps for £45.99 as a set of two.

Not only are these lamps convenient, not taking up too much room on your bedside, but are touch-sensitive and feature USB ports for simple charging of your devices. The smart lamp offers three dimmable brightness settings (30%, 65%, and 100%) giving you access to all your lighting needs.

Emme Cotton Throw Blanket

Giving your room a decorative touch doesn’t always mean big and bold items. Something as simple as a well-made throw blanket can give your bedroom an elegant touch by adding some texture.

Ideal for cosying up with or draping along your accent chair, bed, or footbed, the Emme Throw Blanket is available for £29.99 and comes in over six different colourways to suit your interiors.

The muslin blanket is meticulously crafted with a four-ply yarn of 100% cotton, for unrivalled softness and breathability. The lightweight material ensures a cosy sleep experience while effectively preventing overheating.

JIUYOTREE Clothing Rack – The Carpet Fluffy Rug

JIUYOTREE Clothing Garment Rack

If you’re pushed for space in your bedroom but would still like to give it a little luxury touch-up, this garment rack is a nice space-saving addition. It comes in three different colours: a gold plate, black steel, or a polished white tone; each retail for £20.99 and even come with a little shoe rack on the bottom row for convenient storage.

The sturdy frame is constructed from durable, rust-resistant steel with an environmentally friendly paint coating. Keep your clothing organised and free up floor space for a functional bedroom you’ll love being in.

The Carpet Fluffy Short Pile Rug

This short pile rug is ideal for creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere in your sleep space. Depending on size, prices start at £25.99 to enhance your floors with this comfy place to rest your feet.

Icon Faux Fur Bean Bag

With more than 1,200 five-star reviews, the Icon Faux Fur Bean Bag is the best-rated bean bag on Amazon currently. At nearly £100, it might be a bit of a splurge. However, it is cheaper than a lot of rival brands out there.

Ideal as an alternative seating option in your room or great for creating a cosy nook, the faux fur bean bag chair is a luxe addition. The generously sized seat has a high back and armrests, allowing you to sit in comfort.

This chair comes in five different colours and is classed as large, with an 85cm width and height

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