Shopify Shares Insight into Print-on-Demand for Branded Merchandise & Potential Benefits

Print on Demand

Print-on-demand has transformed the branded merchandise economy, catering specifically to current buyer habits and enabling merchandisers to quickly capitalize on pop culture moments without the need to invest in pre-established stock that might remain unsold in a warehouse.

As traditional printers and decorators expand into promotional products, and promo distributors invest in decoration capabilities, print-on-demand becomes a crucial factor in their future business strategies.

Shopify, a prominent name in the print-on-demand space appealing to direct-to-consumer customers, has provided insights into the most popular products on its POD platform.

Print-on-Demand for Branded Merchandise – Shopify

This information gives printers and promotional product distributors a look into what items are currently successful and why.

Here is Shopify’s list of the top print-on-demand products:

1. Unisex T-shirts
2. Personalized baby clothing
3. Mugs
4. All-over print hoodies
5. All-over print yoga pants
6. Engraved jewelry
7. Posters
8. Champion hoodies
9. Tote bags
10. Belt bags
11. Stickers
12. Backpacks
13. Wall art
14. Cushions
15. Towels
16. Phone cases
17. Hats
18. Face masks
19. Bluetooth speakers
20. Water bottles
21. Socks
22. Custom puzzles

Several key points emerge from this study for print and promo professionals. Firstly, screen printing is not the only decoration method available.

Print-on-Demand for Branded Merchandise

There are also engraved products like jewelry and all-over print apparel, which can be produced through processes like sublimation.

As Shopify highlighted, using an all-over print allows for a higher price point due to the more complex decoration method compared to screen printing.

Industry professionals can apply this idea to products like mugs or other drinkware as well. Using special textural finishes not only makes the item stand out but also complements the decoration method and logo placement, such as speckling or a rustic finish.

One primary takeaway is that the popularity of print-on-demand suggests that distributors should consider e-commerce platforms if they haven’t already, and work with their customers on company stores or their own branded merchandise stores.

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