Amazon is Closing the Stockton Warehouse Letting Go of 390 Workers

Amazon is laying off 390 workers as it closes a Stockton warehouse, but the e-commerce giant will be opening two new facilities in the same city.

Employees at the Stockton Sort Center located at 4601 Newcastle Drive will lose their jobs by July 30, according to state filings.

An Amazon spokesperson stated that all affected employees will be offered opportunities to transfer to nearby facilities in Stockton, Tracy, and Manteca.

The closure of the facility coincides with the expiration of its lease.

Meanwhile, Amazon is set to open two new Inbound Cross Dock facilities at East Arch Airport Road and Newcastle Road in Stockton.

Amazon also plans to close another warehouse at 888 Tennessee St. in San Francisco in June, resulting in 88 layoffs, as it aims to build a larger facility nearby.

“We’re always evaluating our network to make sure it fits our business needs and to improve the experience for our employees, customers, partners, and drivers,” an Amazon spokesperson said in a statement.

“As part of that effort, we may close older sites, enhance existing facilities, or open new sites, and we weigh a variety of factors when deciding where to develop future sites or maintain a presence.”

The Stockton Record was the first to report Amazon’s layoffs in the city. These job cuts are part of a broader trend affecting many of Amazon’s corporate tech employees, with around 27,000 losing their jobs last year.

Additionally, San Francisco-based Twitch, Amazon’s video game streaming service, laid off 500 more employees in January.

Mason Williams
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