Retailers Are Slow to Respond As Customer Service for E-commerce Sites Struggle

Customer Service of UK Retailers

A recent analysis has revealed substantial shortcomings in customer service among the UK’s top 100 online retailers.

The new report identifies several areas that need improvement, such as response times, communication during returns, and delivery transparency.

Customer Service of UK Retailers

The research indicates that half of these online retailers take more than five minutes to respond to customer calls.

This delay highlights the need for more efficient customer service processes to enhance customer satisfaction and retention.

Customer Service of UK Retailers

Furthermore, two-thirds of large online retailers have implemented chatbots to manage customer queries, reflecting a trend towards automation in handling customer interactions more effectively.

Gaps in Returns Communication and Delivery Information: Approximately 40% of retailers do not communicate with customers during the returns process. This lack of communication can lead to customer dissatisfaction and a potential loss of future business.

Nate O'Hara
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