‘LoadUp’ is Bringing Solution for E-commerce Platforms to Turn Returns into Revenue

LoadUp Junk Removal - E-commerce Returns

LoadUp, an on-demand junk removal company that provides eco-friendly solutions for residential and commercial clients, has announced the creation of a dedicated division called Refurn.

Refurn serves as a revenue generation partner for e-commerce furniture retailers, offering these companies opportunities to generate additional revenue in areas traditionally seen as losses in return logistics.

LoadUp Junk Removal

By creating a circular economy aimed at eliminating unnecessary waste, Refurn provides online retailers with a sustainable option for their products.

“With rising costs in the furniture supply chain, retailers are rethinking their reverse logistics strategy.

Our platform enables retailers to generate revenue instead of adding costs associated with returned products,” said Greg Workmon, CEO of LoadUp. “We’ve truly become a secret weapon for the online furniture space.”

LoadUp Junk Removal – E-commerce Returns

Revenue Generating Services: Businesses can offer removal, assembly, or installation services directly to the customer during the checkout process through a direct and seamless integration.

Re-Commerce Service: Businesses can transform a cost center (returns) into revenue by leveraging LoadUp’s certified national reseller network, which purchases and removes the items.

Centralized Return Management: Refurn provides a singular provider of various product return services nationwide, including in-home extraction capabilities.

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