Rakuten Announced the Rakuten+ Exclusive Membership for Designer Brands

Rakuten Company

Rakuten, the leading Cash Back shopping platform, announces Rakuten+, an exclusive membership program designed specifically for designer brands.

This program will connect these brands with select, highly engaged Rakuten members. As Rakuten’s first-ever paid membership offering, Rakuten+ will provide brands with unparalleled access to the platform’s most loyal and active shoppers of designer fashion.

These curated shoppers will earn at least 10% Cash Back on participating brands and retailers year-round, offering designer brands a unique opportunity to leverage big Cash Back to grow their audiences, incentivize everyday shopping, and foster lifelong loyalty.

At the heart of this offering is the Rakuten member, who has proven to drive incremental sales for designer brands. A recent Rakuten study found that the platform was solely responsible for a 29 percent increase in shoppers for a leading luxury department store.

Rakuten Company

The study demonstrates that without Rakuten, this 29 percent increase would not exist. Higher Cash Back rates also directly correlated with increased average order value (AOV) and repeat purchases.

Beyond simple sales, Rakuten+ aims to help designer brands take full advantage of Rakuten’s ability to reach shoppers throughout their entire journey.

Rakuten+ enhances the incentive to shop and increases the flexibility of Cash Back, which can be used to create long-term loyalty campaigns that attract first-time buyers, influence conversion rates, inspire repeat purchases, and more.

“Rakuten+ offers a distinctive opportunity for designer brands to connect with some of Rakuten’s most active and loyal members who consistently shop and spend more with each purchase,” says Julie Van Ullen, Chief Revenue Officer of Rakuten Rewards.

Rakuten Company

“By partnering with Rakuten+, these brands can tap into a unique value proposition within an exclusive luxury bubble.

Rakuten+ offers a dedicated platform, built only for designer brands to showcase their offerings, enabling them to maintain their high brand perception while capitalizing on Rakuten’s unique Cash Back service to drive loyalty.”

Rakuten has been making strategic investments to enhance its reputation among designer brands and expand its selection of high-end brands on the platform.

From partnering with New York Fashion Week (NYFW) to hosting exclusive shopping events, Rakuten has found creative ways to bring the full-lifecycle loyalty power of Cash Back to designer brands.

Rakuten has provided these brands with a savvy shopper incentive that allows them to sell at full price, maintain their exclusive brand image, and appeal to shoppers without the need for discounts or promotions.

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