Best Bluetooth Trackers According to Tech Experts On Sale at Amazon

Bluetooth Trackers

Bluetooth trackers have become essential devices for those who want to avoid misplacing their car keys or losing luggage at the airport. After testing six suitcases on a group trip to France, I found that the best tracker to buy is available at a fraction of the price on Amazon.

Travelling with a large group of friends, I needed to ensure all our cases arrived safely and, if they didn’t, to pinpoint exactly where they were lost. I tested Apple AirTags and a leading competitor, Tile Tag, to determine which tracker is best for travelling.

Apple’s pack of four AirTags emerged as the winner, outperforming the slimmer Tile tracker in terms of notifications, tracking, and avoiding in-app purchases once the device is bought. The same AirTags I used are now on sale at Amazon.

Bluetooth Trackers

The price of the four-pack has been reduced from £119 to £94 on Amazon, making each AirTag £23.50. For comparison, an individual pack costs £29 at John Lewis. But why are AirTags worth the extra money compared to the much cheaper £15.99 Tile Tag?

“Thanks to its sleek in-app experiences, precise notifications, and the ability to find it on another Apple device (if you share the same Apple ID, that is). Apple users may already be familiar with the ‘Find My’ app, and the AirTag is tracked here similarly to finding a lost phone on the ‘Find My iPhone’ days.

“Tile also has an app, but instead of immediately seeing the tracker’s location (like with the AirTag), you have to click ‘location history’,” as I mentioned in my review. Having used both apps in the stressful environment of an airport, Apple’s software was far easier to use, which is crucial if you’ve lost something like a handbag or car keys.

Bluetooth Trackers

“Another significant factor is cost. Once you’ve paid for an AirTag pack or individual AirTag, there are no additional costs: the app is free, and there’s no charge to view the history. Tile, however, charges an extra £2.99 a month or £29.99 a year for features that are free with the AirTag.”

Although Apple’s trackable gadgets are initially more expensive (only £10 more for an individual pack), shoppers can be assured they won’t face additional costs for tracking or notifications.

Samsung also offers its version of the tracker, the £34 Galaxy Tag, while the newer brand Chipolo has launched a product: a trackable wallet finder. Unlike keychain trackers, this device is designed to slip into your purse and hide among your debit and credit cards, so if you lose it, you’ll know its location.

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