Starlink Service Heavily Affected After Geomagnetic Storm with Heightened Solar Activity

Starlink Service Goes Down

Starlink, the satellite branch of SpaceX led by Elon Musk, issued a caution on Saturday regarding a decline in service quality as the Earth contends with the most significant geomagnetic storm in twenty years, triggered by heightened solar activity.

With a substantial stake of approximately 60% in the fleet of approximately 7,500 satellites encircling the Earth, Starlink holds a prominent position in the satellite internet sector.

Starlink Service Goes Down

Musk previously mentioned in a post on X platform that Starlink satellites were experiencing considerable strain due to the geomagnetic storm, yet managing to endure the conditions thus far.

The first ‘extreme’ solar storm in two decades unveils breathtaking auroras.

Starlink Service Goes Down

According to the United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, this storm stands as the most substantial event since October 2003 and is expected to linger through the weekend, posing risks to various systems including navigation, power grids, and satellite communication.

Operating within low-Earth orbit, the multitude of Starlink satellites utilizes inter-satellite laser links to facilitate rapid data transmission between them, enabling the network to extend internet coverage globally at the speed of light.

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