NVIDIA is Working on First AI Supercomputer for Students

nVIDIA logo (Credits: nVIDIA)

Nvidia and the Georgia Institute of Technology have revealed the first artificial intelligence supercomputer intended for student use.

This initiative aims to democratize access to supercomputing resources that are typically reserved for tech giants and well-funded startups, highlighting the importance of training the next generation of AI professionals.

Powered by Nvidia’s enterprise AI software and a “virtual gateway” developed by Penguin Solutions, the supercomputer is initially available to undergraduate students at Georgia Tech.

nVIDIA HQ (Credits: Justin Sullivan)

It has already been utilized in the foundations of machine learning class since the beginning of the semester, with plans to expand access to all undergraduate and graduate students by spring 2025, according to Arijit Raychowdhury, chair of Georgia Tech’s School of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

This development comes after OpenAI’s recent partnership with Arizona State University, which received full access to ChatGPT Enterprise in February for various educational purposes.

nVIDIA logo (Credits: nVIDIA)

Georgia Tech’s supercomputer, running on 20 Nvidia HGX H100 systems housing 160 of Nvidia’s H100 GPUs, offers significant computational power that can accelerate projects in computer vision, large language models, robotics, supply chain management, chemical or biomedical engineering, and generative AI-related design and creativity.

Students will also be able to pursue their own entrepreneurial ventures using the supercomputer.

nVIDIA logo (Credits: nVIDIA)

Raychowdhury emphasized that the goal is to provide students with a sandbox environment to conduct their own work, thanks to the collaborative efforts of Nvidia and Penguin Solutions.

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