Salesforce Adding Features to its Einstein Copilot Within E-Commerce Clouds

Einstein CoPilot - Salesforce

Salesforce is expanding the capabilities of its Einstein Copilot, particularly within its marketing and e-commerce clouds, with features that were previewed today and set to be released later this year.

Launching today are Einstein Copilots for Shoppers and Buyers, designed as B2B and B2C shopping assistants, along with Salesforce Checkout.

These features leverage generative AI (GenAI) to personalize shopping experiences using customer data and simplify the checkout process.

Einstein CoPilot – Salesforce

These AI-powered shopping assistants can interact with customers during chat conversations, providing answers to inquiries and suggesting additional purchases.

Currently in beta is Salesforce Einstein Copilot for Merchants, which automates web store setup, product description writing, and merchandising tasks using generative AI.

Additionally, Einstein Copilot for Marketing is scheduled for release in June, offering personalized content integration into marketing campaigns and identifying overlooked audience segments through AI.

Einstein CoPilot – Salesforce

From suggesting complementary products based on previous purchases to facilitating complex B2B transactions, the Einstein Copilot’s capabilities cover a wide range of scenarios.

This release marks a significant advancement for marketers, noted Constellation Research analyst Liz Miller.

Beyond content creation, GenAI can spark new ideas for marketers, allowing them to query their data and gain insights into campaign performance and audience targeting effectiveness.

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