MoIT in Vietnam Received 1500+ Complaints Related to E-Commerce Fraud and Misleading Ads in Past Year

Vietnam Government

Last year, the National Competition Commission under the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) in Vietnam received 1,567 complaints from consumers, with 5.5 percent of them related to e-commerce issues.

These complaints highlighted various problems such as substandard product quality and quantity, unsatisfactory shipping services, failure to compensate or return products, misleading advertising, and dissemination of false information.

Specifically, the affected groups were identified as children, the elderly, and individuals residing in rural, highland, and remote areas of Vietnam.

The MoIT has taken proactive steps to closely collaborate with e-commerce platforms to swiftly identify and address issues emerging on these platforms.

E-Commerce in Vietnam

This collaboration has led to the detection and resolution of numerous cases involving fraudulent goods, counterfeit items, and products of unknown origin being sold online.

Additionally, the ministry has promptly requested e-commerce platforms in Vietnam to rectify and remove misleading content that could adversely affect consumers.

Moving forward, the ministry plans to intensify inspection activities to promptly identify and rigorously address violations within the e-commerce space.

E-Commerce in Vietnam

As part of this effort, mechanisms for handling violations and governing legal regulations will be continuously reviewed and evaluated to propose improvements to competent authorities, enhancing legal effectiveness.

Furthermore, the ministry aims to enhance communication efforts to raise awareness among consumers, businesses, and society as a whole about fostering a healthy and sustainable e-commerce environment in Vietnam.

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