eBay to Hold Recommerce Day to Market Pre-Loved Items

eBay Recommerce

eBay Inc. (NASDAQ: EBAY), a global leader in commerce connecting millions of sellers and buyers worldwide, has announced its inaugural Recommerce Day, slated for May 21, 2024, coinciding with the release of the annual eBay Recommerce Report.

In its fourth year, the report traditionally gauges eBay seller and buyer insights and motivations regarding pre-loved shopping.

This year, the focus expands to comprehend the significance of recommerce not only within the eBay community but also to assess global consumer trends and sentiments around recommerce, surveying over 28,000 people worldwide.

Award-winning actor and sustainability advocate Alicia Silverstone has partnered with eBay to spotlight the advantages of recommerce.

Recommerce Day will showcase a “takeover” of the eBay homepage, offering opportunities to go into recommerce, discover excellent pre-loved deals, and engage in an eBay Live program featuring exclusively pre-loved items.

eBay Recommerce

Commencing at 9 am PT, the day will feature chances to win fantastic pre-loved and refurbished prizes during the eBay Live stream.

eBay is also collaborating with Alicia Silverstone, a renowned sustainability advocate and actor, to further underscore the benefits of recommerce. Alicia, an ardent environmental defender, frequently advocates for shopping pre-loved to support a conscious and sustainable lifestyle.

“I’m thrilled to see more people embracing the circular economy – both as buyers and sellers. I’m mindful of everything I purchase, and that’s why I opt for pre-loved items on eBay,” said Alicia Silverstone. “Recommerce brings me immense joy because I know I’m not contributing to the waste harming our planet.”

“eBay has been a leading force in driving recommerce, and we are continuously investing in tools and technology to propel the circular economy,” remarked eBay CEO Jamie Iannone.

“Our team is streamlining the process of buying and selling used or refurbished items on the platform, and eBay’s inaugural Recommerce Day aims to raise awareness about the benefits of sustainable shopping.”

Recommerce Items

The 2024 Recommerce Report, going live on May 21, 2024, indicates that consumers globally – both current eBay customers and general consumers – are increasingly turning to preloved shopping for unique items and great values. Consumers also acknowledge another critical benefit of recommerce – its positive impact on the planet.

The trend of pre-loved shopping has been steadily rising, with younger generations increasingly embracing it for more authentic shopping experiences.

According to the Recommerce Report survey, while nearly three in five (59%) global consumers purchased pre-loved goods in the past year, over 70% plan to do so this year. Consumers aged 18-24 are the most likely demographic to have bought pre-loved goods in the last 12 months (65%).

A resolution has been introduced in the California State Legislature by State Senator Dave Cortese to recognize May 21 as Recommerce Day. Additionally, the city of San Jose, CA, has introduced a resolution declaring May 21 as Recommerce Day.

These resolutions aim to further stimulate interest in pre-loved shopping, amplify conversations around supporting sustainable practices, and remind individuals of the benefits for themselves and the environment.

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