eBay Facility in Draper Put for Sale As Newer Campus for Employees is Ready

eBay Facility in Draper

A 240,000-square-foot facility housing eBay in Draper is set to hit the market soon as the company seeks to relocate from its expansive campus.

The facility, situated at 583 eBay Way and established in 2013, was anticipated to employ over 1,400 individuals through 2033, as previously reported by FOX 13 News.

Back in 2011, FOX 13’s affiliate, the Salt Lake Tribune, revealed that the board of the Governor’s Office of Economic Development approved a one-time $38.2 million tax incentive for eBay to construct the Draper facility, contingent on meeting its job commitments until 2031.

The specifics of any tax incentives eBay might receive upon relocating to a new site remain unclear.

eBay Facility in Draper

Now, over a decade later, the facility’s parking lot remains largely vacant on most days, signaling eBay’s intention to vacate the premises.

Brandon Fugal, Chairman of Colliers International in Utah, a commercial real estate firm, initially listed part of eBay’s landmark office space for lease, with an online listing indicating availability of the entire third floor and a portion of the second floor.

However, Fugal informed FOX 13 News on Wednesday that efforts are underway to market the entire property, spanning slightly more than 36 acres.

While eBay is divesting its extensive facility, Fugal affirmed the company’s commitment to retaining a presence in Utah, albeit with adjustments to its footprint in the market.

eBay Facility in Draper

Describing the space as “one of the most impressive office campuses that exist,” Fugal highlighted its abundant office space and additional amenities such as a full auditorium, cafeteria, fitness facility, arcade room, basketball courts, and a half soccer field.

The building’s proximity to the Frontrunner Train station is a significant advantage.

Though the campus may have been bustling in the past, the largely vacant parking lot on most days suggests that many employees transitioned to remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fugal indicated that details regarding the sale, including its official listing date and pricing, would be determined soon, with further information to be provided in the near future.

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