E-commerce Industry is Bracing for Impact of Generative AI

E-commerce Industry

Generative artificial intelligence possesses the potential to revolutionize the tasks of B2B and B2C ecommerce marketers.

However, going through the collection of GenAI tools and programs to discern their efficacy can be overwhelming for ecommerce marketers, as indicated by a recent report from Forrester Research.

In their report titled “Generative AI Brings Superpowers to Portfolio Marketers,” Forrester underscores the ongoing discussions and discoveries surrounding the impact and potential risks associated with the emergence of tools like ChatGPT and the widespread adoption of genAI.

E-commerce – Generative AI

The report highlights several challenges, including:

1. Variation in access based on workplace policies: Many organizations opt for cautious approaches, prohibiting the use of genAI tools by employees.

2. Confusion regarding access routes to genAI capabilities: Organizations and individuals are bewildered by the array of tools available and the pathways to access them.

E-commerce – Generative AI

3. Absence of established processes or standards: Despite organizational guidelines, portfolio marketers are actively experimenting with genAI tools across various applications, often relying on informal networks to discover suitable tools.

Forrester advises against adopting a “one size fits all” approach to utilizing genAI.

Instead, ecommerce marketers should identify specific areas where AI can enhance the speed, efficiency, and effectiveness of branding and messaging campaigns.

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