Chinese ‘New Energy’ Project Operating at 750kV Power Linked to National Grid

China 750kV Project

According to the State Grid Qinghai Electric Power Company, a significant power transmission and transformation project operating at 750 kilovolts (kV) has commenced operations in Qinghai Province, located in northwest China.

Positioned in Gonghe County, situated at an average altitude of 3,175 meters above sea level within China’s Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, this project is pivotal for linking electricity generated by various new energy ventures in the province to the power grid.

China 750kV Project

Notably, it will integrate power from photovoltaic and wind energy projects. Projections indicate that this initiative will bolster annual clean energy power generation by over 9 billion kilowatt-hours.

This achievement is tantamount to conserving approximately 3.12 million tonnes of standard coal and curbing carbon dioxide emissions by 8.64 million tonnes.

China 750kV Project

Renowned for its abundant water, solar, and wind energy resources, Qinghai stands as the source of the Yangtze, Yellow, and Lancang rivers.

As of 2023, the province boasted a total installed clean energy capacity of 51.07 million kilowatts.

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