Astound Digital Reveals Collaboration With Shopify

Astound Broadband - Shopify

Astound Digital has reveals a strategic collaboration with Shopify, aiming to bolster enterprises with robust commerce solutions, facilitate business evolution, and expedite growth.

Renowned for its prowess in redefining commerce architectures, Astound Digital has been instrumental in facilitating the successful global expansion of brands across diverse markets. This partnership is uniquely positioned to empower enterprises in crafting exceptional customer experiences while optimizing performance and curbing costs.

“We want to bring innovations to our clients to help them differentiate their businesses and deliver great experiences to customers. This is supported really well by the continued evolution and roadmap that the Shopify platform has,” remarked Vanessa Cartwright, President of Astound Digital, NA & UK.

Astound Broadband – Shopify

Centered on acceleration and innovation, Shopify’s enterprise offering is designed to optimize resources and maximize returns, ensuring businesses remain at the forefront of evolving customer needs.

Astound Digital complements this with its demonstrated expertise in driving outstanding business outcomes and developing global reference architectures. The partnership will harness Astound’s retail business acumen alongside Shopify’s unparalleled unified commerce offering, aimed at dismantling silos between various channels such as D2C, B2B, and Point of Sale.

As part of its commitment to innovation, Astound Digital is actively developing proprietary accelerators to enhance the development and deployment of Shopify stores. These accelerators, integrating AI, are tailored to streamline customization, reduce time to market, and empower businesses to swiftly adapt to the dynamic digital landscape.

Astound Broadband – Shopify

“We have a focus on creating exceptional eCommerce experiences and tangible business outcomes for retailers. Astound is a natural partner for Shopify,” said Bobby Morrison, Chief Revenue Officer at Shopify.

The partnership has already yielded significant milestones, including the recent relaunch of OCEANSAPART, showcasing its ability to deliver transformative commerce solutions.

This collaboration underscores Astound Digital’s evolution towards technology-centric solutions, integrating data-driven approaches, AI, design, and marketing to create unparalleled digital experiences for global brands.

For Shopify, partnering with Astound Digital aligns with its commitment to enhancing commerce infrastructure and delivering exceptional experiences for enterprises, further solidifying its position in the digital ecosystem.

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