Newegg Launches SellingPilot, A New SaaS Platform

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Newegg Commerce, Inc, a leading global e-commerce company specializing in computers and consumer electronics, has revealed SellingPilot, a new SaaS platform designed to transform multichannel marketplace management for sellers.

Created by a team of e-commerce and software development experts, SellingPilot aims to address the challenges sellers face when listing and selling on popular online marketplaces.

SellingPilot empowers sellers by providing advanced tools to go through marketplace complexities and boost sales.

With access to comprehensive insights and resources, sellers can effectively manage inventory and sales across popular marketplaces, including Amazon, Walmart, TikTok, eBay, and Newegg.

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SellingPilot’s core functions and features include:

  • Multichannel Management: SellingPilot integrates with Amazon, Walmart, and other leading e-commerce platforms to manage product listings and orders.
  • Big Data-Powered Intelligent Product Selection: Sellers can access extensive product data on major marketplaces, leveraging detailed AI analysis for product reviews and setting customer expectations.
  • Influencer Marketing: The platform enhances influencer marketing with email outreach and campaign creation for platforms like TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram.

It provides TikTok creator data, including content ranking, unit sales, gross merchandise value (GMV), and views.

Sellers can connect with influencers and creators for campaigns to generate collaborations that improve product sales. Live video data analysis offers insights into viewing trends of desirable audiences.

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AI Customer Service: An AI all-in-one email reply tool streamlines customer service, sending prompt and courteous feedback with auto-generated responses to customer inquiries.

AI Listing: AI tools optimize product descriptions and keywords to improve operational efficiency. SellingPilot can quickly generate accurate product listings that meet diverse market and language requirements.

Price Tracking: Timely competitive pricing data is available to refine pricing strategies.

Additionally, the SellingPilot Chrome Extension offers more benefits. Once installed, the extension provides functionalities such as AI-based customer service, AI customer product reviews, and TikTok creator invitations.

“SellingPilot makes selling on marketplace platforms easier by bringing a wide array of useful resources together on a single platform,” said Garry Gu, vice president of enterprise application platform for Newegg.

“We leveraged our expertise from managing our marketplace and developing e-commerce software to create an innovative, unique platform for sellers. Marketplace sellers can increase their sales and better manage their businesses using SellingPilot.”

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