Jeon Somi Collaborates with Allure Korea to Launch A New Makeup Brand

(Credits: Jeon Somi)

Jeon Somi recently launched her makeup brand, GLYF, in partnership with Allure Korea. Since 2023, the Dumb Dumb singer has dedicated herself to the development of her brand.

Discussing her product creation process, Somi disclosed drawing inspiration from ancient hieroglyphs, which are characterized by distinct shapes and meanings.

In a video shared by the outlet, Somi explained, “GLYF was created with inspiration from ancient hieroglyphs, glyphs. Like ancient hieroglyphs with different shapes and meanings, I interpret my cosmetics in my own way and express the beauty that each person has.”

Driven by her vision, the singer aimed to establish a brand that resonates with her personal ethos. (Credits: Jeon Somi)

Somi emphasized GLYF’s promotion of freedom of choice and expression among potential customers. She acknowledged infusing modern elements into the ancient concept, enhancing the brand’s appeal.

Following the brand’s announcement, news of GLYF spread rapidly, capturing headlines. Fans flooded the celebrity’s post with heartfelt comments, expressing their support.

One fan eagerly exclaimed, “I need it,” while another expressed trust in Somi’s capabilities, stating, “She’s capable, I trust her.”

Others lauded the brand, with one commenting, “That’s fantastic! JEON SOMI’s new makeup brand, ‘GLYF,’ sounds amazing.”

(Credits: Allure Korea Magazine)

Excitement was palpable among many followers, with one individual expressing intentions to purchase GLYF products for their girlfriend.

However, amid the enthusiasm, some expressed dissatisfaction following the Starbucks controversy. Comments such as “Won’t be buying” and concerns about potential future collaborations surfaced, reflecting mixed reactions within the fanbase.

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