Walmart Launches Early Version of Data Solution for Supplier to Track Online Shopping Behavior Online Store

Walmart Data Ventures has announced the beta launch of a new self-serve insights solution within its Walmart Luminate platform, called Digital Landscapes. This tool enables suppliers to track online shopper behavior before a purchase, as stated in a press release.

Users will be able to analyze engagement trends and identify tracking sources driving traffic, including searches on and the Walmart mobile app, as well as search engines and social platforms. The beta launch is set for June 5, with general availability expected later this summer.

These enhanced insights could assist suppliers in evaluating their marketing and sales strategies, allowing them to better allocate resources to boost reach and improve the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Walmart Plus and Self Checkout

With Digital Landscapes, Walmart aims to help suppliers understand how customers discover their products online, the time spent before making a purchase, and the optimal times for online shopping.

If successful, Digital Landscapes could provide the tracking and targeting data marketers need, especially as Google phases out third-party cookies.

Digital Landscapes is the latest initiative from Walmart Data Ventures, a division created in 2021 to manage Walmart’s first-party data business. Walmart Luminate, the division’s flagship product, has enhanced supplier engagement with Walmart’s core retail and expanding ad businesses.

With this new addition, users of Walmart Luminate can utilize insights from daily engagement trends and traffic sources, including search, social, and Walmart’s owned channels, to optimize their campaigns.

Walmart Retail Store

Walmart’s U.S. advertising business, Walmart Connect, experienced a 26% growth during the first quarter of the company’s fiscal 2025, according to its latest earnings report.

The number of active advertisers on Connect increased by nearly 19% during this period, with marketplace seller growth exceeding 50%.

Walmart continues to advance its retail media business by leveraging its extensive first-party data to help marketers build effective campaigns and drive sales through its owned channels.

In addition to acquiring smart TV maker Vizio, Walmart has recently announced a collaboration with Disney Advertising, providing advertisers with closed-loop measurement capabilities for brand campaigns across the CTV inventory on Disney+ and Hulu.

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