Walmart is Expecting US E-commerce Venture to Become Profitable Within Two Years

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Walmart Inc. announced that it anticipates generating profits from its U.S. e-commerce business within the next two years.

The retailer, based in Bentonville, Arkansas, is striving to achieve e-commerce profitability within one to two years, which includes its advertising and consumer data business, according to Chief Financial Officer John David Rainey.

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He made this statement during a question-and-answer session with analysts on Friday, part of the company’s annual shareholder week.

Rainey also noted that Sam’s Club, Walmart’s warehouse-club chain, is already profitable in its e-commerce operations.

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Walmart has stated its commitment to reducing costs in its e-commerce business while boosting order volumes.

The e-commerce sector has been a significant growth driver for the company, with sales increasing by about 22 percent in the most recent quarter.

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