Visualsoft Implements Shopify to its E-commerce Model to Expand Their Platform

Shopify - Visualsoft

Visualsoft, a leading commerce solutions provider celebrating 25 years in business, today announces that, in addition to its own platform, Visualsoft is expanding to become multi-platform through a strategic partnership with the global commerce company Shopify.

Currently, Visualsoft supports 800 UK merchants and facilitates £1 billion in annual revenue through its extensive range of professional services and award-winning proprietary platform.

Recognizing the diverse technology needs of merchants, Visualsoft is expanding its professional web development services to support merchants on Shopify.

Alongside introducing Shopify, Visualsoft will continue to offer growth-focused digital marketing, creative, and strategy services to merchants on both platforms.

Visualsoft’s platform is ideal for ambitious mid-market merchants, providing a comprehensive turnkey solution that includes embedded payments from global leaders like Stripe and communication tools powered by Twilio and Bee, among many other features.

Shopify – Visualsoft

For specific merchant requirements not currently supported by the Visualsoft platform, merchants can now benefit from Shopify’s platform.

Visualsoft’s professional services already support a wide technology ecosystem for merchants, and this additional access to Shopify’s commerce infrastructure, along with Visualsoft’s own platform, will provide Visualsoft’s clients with greater technology options for growth and success online.

Visualsoft’s experienced professional services already support leading brands on Shopify, making joining Shopify’s Partner Program a natural next step.

Benjamin Lang, Head of Northern Europe, Partnerships at Shopify, commented: “Partnering with Visualsoft through Shopify’s Partner Program will support more businesses of all sizes with robust, scalable commerce solutions tailored to their unique needs.

Together with Visualsoft, we aim to support more retail customers in their digital journey, providing them with the specific tools and support needed to thrive in today’s competitive world, aligning with our mission to make commerce better for everyone.

Shopify – Visualsoft

Together, we are committed to driving success and growth across retail alongside Visualsoft’s platform.”

This announcement coincides with Visualsoft’s investment in and rollout of the next generation of its award-winning eCommerce platform.

By becoming multi-platform, Visualsoft can craft the perfect solution to meet the unique needs of every merchant. Combining advanced technology solutions with professional services, Visualsoft helps merchants thrive on their journey into the future.

Simon Ward, the recently appointed Chairman at Visualsoft, says: “As a commerce-focused business, we are eager to support a wide portfolio of merchants on their business journey, ensuring every merchant we partner with is able to thrive.

Introducing Shopify is a natural step in our journey to become the leading technology-enabled commerce provider across the UK and internationally. Once merchants experience Visualsoft’s range of services and solutions, we aim to build long-term partnerships.

Our services and solutions are carefully crafted to help merchants attract, convert, and retain shoppers for long-term sustained success. Along with Visualsoft’s Platform, Shopify is just the beginning, and with our new technology partnerships, merchants can continue to thrive when they partner with us.”

Nate O'Hara
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