US Supermarket Chain Sam’s Club Launches Online Shopping Service in Shenzhen

Sam's Club - Shenzhen

United States supermarket chain Sam’s Club in Shenzhen launched an online shopping and delivery service for Hongkongers on Friday, intensifying competition for local retailers as residents cross the border for better deals.

Confirming the Post’s exclusive report last month, the supermarket chain announced on its app that it would start offering online shopping and delivery as soon as the next day, in addition to providing Cantonese customer service.

The warehouse-style Sam’s Club has recently gained popularity among Hongkongers, who shop at its outlet for a variety of items, including cooked food, groceries, and appliances.

The company stated it would operate its own delivery service, charging HK$30 (US$3.8) for the first 1kg (2.2lbs) of items, with an additional HK$4.5 for each subsequent 1kg.

Sam’s Club

The delivery service covers all of Hong Kong, including outlying islands.

Mandy, a 48-year-old professional, mentioned she visited the Shenzhen store to become a member after reading the Post report, aiming to use its delivery services eventually.

“I like buying French bottled water and wine, which are much cheaper at the store, but it is not economical to order delivery,” she said. “So I will order lighter goods such as tissue paper and snacks, which are better value for money even after paying the delivery charges.”

In response to the heightened competition, one of Hong Kong’s largest supermarket chains, ParknShop, announced it would launch a service to source any items shoppers wanted from around the world.

Sam’s Club – Shenzhen

It claimed to offer popular goods from South Korea, Japan, Europe, and the United States, boasting “the availability of anything you want from anywhere,” with delivery available for any purchase of HK$350 or above.

A spokeswoman for the Wellcome supermarket chain stated the company had expanded its sourcing network to over 80 countries and regions, including Australia, mainland China, Japan, and Thailand.

Wellcome has also upgraded its online store with promotions, exclusive offers, and an in-store pickup service. The company has partnered with the Foodpanda delivery service, promising delivery within 45 minutes.

Hong Kong retail sales plunged 14.7 percent in April year over year, the worst performance since March 2022, when sales dropped 16.8 percent, primarily due to cross-border spending.

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