JD.com to Launch Store for Massimo Dutti in Collaboration with Inditex

Inditex - Massimo Dutti

JD.com, a global leader in e-commerce and China’s largest retailer, today announced a strategic partnership with Inditex, one of the world’s largest fashion retailers.

This partnership will introduce a flagship store for Inditex’s fashion brand, Massimo Dutti, on JD.com’s marketplace on June 3rd, as part of Inditex’s broader efforts to cater to the needs of China’s vast digital consumer base.

The Massimo Dutti flagship store will offer nearly 1,000 products, including men’s and women’s wear, accessories, and exclusive items specifically for JD customers.

These exclusive products will be featured prominently during JD’s upcoming 618 Grand Promotion, China’s largest mid-year shopping festival. JD shoppers will enjoy a variety of member benefits and premium service.

As the world’s largest e-commerce market, China continues to attract global fashion retailers.

Massimo Dutti – JD

With nearly 600 million users, including 36 million JD PLUS paid members who spend on average ten times more annually than regular customers, JD’s platform is uniquely suited to reach Inditex’s target audience for Massimo Dutti.

“JD.com has long been the gateway for international brands to connect with Chinese consumers,” said Xiangying Kong, Vice President of JD.com and Head of JD Fashion.

“Our partnership with Inditex highlights our commitment to bringing premium quality products to our customers. We look forward to looking into new ways to engage and interact with our users.”

Eugenio Bregolat Lukashov, President of Inditex Greater China, said: “China is a strategic market for Inditex. The arrival of Massimo Dutti at JD.com represents a notable manifestation to keep deepening the digital transformation of the Group in the Chinese market.

JD.com – Inditex

As a leading e-commerce platform in China, JD.com is a solid partner for us to continue to build an integrated experience for our customers.”

Massimo Dutti’s parent group, Inditex, now operates over 5,690 stores worldwide under seven renowned brands, including Zara, Massimo Dutti, Oysho, and Zara Home.

This partnership underscores JD.com’s role as a premier platform for international brands seeking to meet the growing demand for high-end goods among Chinese consumers.

With this collaboration, JD.com continues to expand its portfolio of fashion offerings, providing its customers with unparalleled access to global fashion brands.

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