Inter Miami Star Lionel Messi Has Launched His Hydration Drink

Messi - Mas Drink

Inter Miami superstar Lionel Messi is set to release his own hydration drink brand, but some observers have already noted similarities to KSI and Logan Paul’s PRIME drink.

The drink, described on the Mas+ website, contains a blend of electrolytes, vitamins, and antioxidants, with natural flavors and no artificial sweeteners or colors.

The new brand claims their drinks have 10 calories per 16.9 oz bottle, with flavors including ‘Miami Punch,’ nodding to the World Cup winner’s current club.

The similarities with the famed PRIME drink did not go unnoticed, sparking debates on social media and even drawing comments from KSI himself. PRIME, launched in 2022, became a viral trend with products shipped globally.

Messi – Mas Drink

A post announcing Messi’s new product read: “Leo Messi has launched his own hydration drink called Mas+ One of the flavors is called ‘Orange d’Or’,” catching the attention of influencer KSI, who remarked: “Looks familiar…”

The YouTuber further engaged in the long-standing debate over whether Messi is the greatest footballer of all time, posting a cryptic nod to the rivalry between Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. He shared a photo of Ronaldo with the caption: “Speed was right, he is the GOAT.”

Another post on Twitter/X read: “Lionel Messi’s new hydration drink is very similar to KSI and Logan’s PRIME,” to which someone replied: “I really don’t think there’s a case here.

I mean, the only thing they have in common is black vertical text on a solid color bottle. But that’s not enough to establish brand recognition. Messi is safe with this one imo. You can’t copyright text orientation or black text on color.”

Messi – Mas Drink

Others seemed excited to try Messi’s upcoming drink. One enthusiast said: “Sounds intriguing, might have to give it a try,” while another predicted that the product will make a splash in the market, forecasting: “Messi’s right foot is bigger than both KSI and Logan Paul combined.”

In a statement on the Mas+ website, the Miami captain shared his aspirations for the release, saying: “I wanted a drink that had the ingredients I need and amazing flavor. No compromise on quality ingredients. So I went to work on a drink of my own.”

“To achieve my goals, I learned that hydration plays a very important role,” he continued, discussing the drink’s nutritional value. “I have always had in mind to improve. I’ve always been about improvement and wanted to find a drink with both amazing taste and the right ingredients.”

Messi added: “But many drinks that are good for you taste bad. Many flavored drinks have high levels of unhealthy ingredients, so people who drink them consume more sugar, calories, artificial ingredients, and even caffeine than they realize. You shouldn’t have to choose between better ingredients and better taste.”

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