DHL ECommerce UK Launches it Facility in Camberley Which Will Run Entirely Carbon Free

DHL ECommerce UK's Facility in Camberley

DHL eCommerce UK has announced the opening of a new £7 million facility in Camberley. The site is powered almost entirely by solar energy.

The building has achieved the highest Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating, A+, due to its onsite renewable energy generation, IoT technology to minimize energy use, low-use water appliances and submeters, and the use of equipment and materials with low embodied carbon.

In instances when weather conditions necessitate the use of grid electricity, the site will source renewable energy. The 3,000 sqm facility will handle 10,000 parcels a day and includes ten electric van charging points.

DHL ECommerce UK

Camberley is the latest development in DHL’s £482 million investment in its UK infrastructure to promote sustainable growth.

DHL plans to open its second hub in Coventry in the coming months, significantly increasing volume capacity and setting a new benchmark in eCommerce automation.

Stuart Hill, CEO of DHL eCommerce UK, says: “The new Camberley site really demonstrates how our UK investment is being put towards sustainable growth, it’s a blueprint for the industry.

DHL ECommerce UK

With our Coventry Hub opening soon, we’re expanding capacity and enhancing service levels all across the country.”

The Camberley site has been designed with employee wellbeing in mind, incorporating biophilic design principles to improve employees’ connectivity to the natural environment, including a living wall in the lobby.

Additionally, employees have access to EV charging and a sustainable cycle shed to encourage the use of sustainable travel options.

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