AliExpress Signed Deal With UEFA Euro Championship Becoming First Exclusive E-commerce Partner

UEFA Euro 2024 - AliExpress

Online platform AliExpress is investing millions of Euros in discounts and deals ahead of this summer’s UEFA European Football Championship, part of an exclusive global sponsorship announced on Wednesday.

The football championship will feature 24 teams from across Europe competing in 51 matches for a chance to win gold medals and a share of the prize pool.

Approximately 2.7 million tickets have been made available for the tournament, according to UEFA, and a few fortunate fans may win them as part of the partnership between AliExpress and the championship organizer.

“As football enthusiasm spreads across Europe, we will bring fans even closer to the action, with great deals on a vast selection of popular and trending products, as well as interactive games and the chance to win fantastic prizes,” said Gary Topp, European Commercial Director, AliExpress.

UEFA Euro 2024 – AliExpress

Starting in mid-June, fans will watch as teams vie for a spot in the final game scheduled for July 14 at Berlin’s Olympiastadion, which can hold over 70,000 spectators.

Games will take place throughout Germany, from Dusseldorf and Dortmund to Munich and Stuttgart, utilizing many venues built for the 2006 World Cup.

“We are thrilled to welcome AliExpress, one of the leading online retail marketplaces worldwide, as the first exclusive e-commerce platform partner for a UEFA Men’s European Football Championship,” said UEFA marketing director, Guy-Laurent Epstein.

AliExpress is a popular source of merchandise for many fans, who flocked in droves to purchase over 10 million football-related products – from foosball tables to football boots – in November and December 2022 during the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

UEFA Euro 2024 – AliExpress

In Europe, the football frenzy is reaching new heights.

Despite a dip in commercial revenues during the pandemic, the market value of the continent’s football sector has climbed from €19.7 billion during the 2013/14 season to nearly €30 billion in 2022, according to consultancy Deloitte.

AliExpress is committed to connecting with fans of the sport in Europe and around the world.

“It is great news for football to have another fan supporting this year’s tournament, with the announcement of AliExpress as a proud new sponsor,” football legend and entrepreneur Oliver Bierhoff said in a statement.

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