UK Faces Mounting Calls to Halt Arms Sales to Israel After Aid Workers Killed

UK Government Under Growing Pressure To Stop Selling Arms To Israel (Credits: ShutterStock)

Pressure is escalating on British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to halt the sale of arms to Israel in the wake of a tragic attack on a convoy of aid workers in Gaza.

Calls for a suspension of arms sales intensified after an Israeli airstrike claimed the lives of seven staff members from World Central Kitchen, including three British nationals.The government is awaiting legal counsel on whether the arms sales to Israel violate international law.

Additionally, there are demands for Sunak to disclose any legal advice received regarding Israel’s compliance with international law.

Pressure Intensifies After Deadly Attack on Aid Workers in Gaza

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak (Credits: Tolga Akmen)

A leaked recording suggests that Alicia Kearns, chair of the UK Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Select Committee, believes the government has already received legal advice indicating Israel’s actions are unlawful but has chosen not to make it public.

The Conservative Party, traditionally supportive of Israel, now faces a shift in public sentiment following the killing of British citizens.

Over 600 legal professionals and former members of the judiciary have urged Sunak to take decisive action to prevent UK complicity in potential violations of international law, including the Genocide Convention.

Opposition parties, including Labour, the Liberal Democrats, and the Scottish National Party, have called for a suspension of arms sales pending legal clarification.

Sunak has adopted a firmer stance in recent communications with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, expressing dismay over the aid workers’ deaths and demanding an independent investigation.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak

While Defense Secretary Grant Shapps noted that UK defense sales to Israel are relatively small compared to those from the US and Germany, parliamentary estimates reveal substantial arms licensing worth over $725 million.

Suspension of arms sales would represent a significant diplomatic move by a key Israeli ally and UN Security Council member, potentially diverging from the policies of other allies such as the US and Germany.

However, domestically, such action could be politically challenging for Sunak, given potential opposition within his own government and party.

Members Of The Public Join A Walking Vigil Through The Streets Of Falmouth, England (Credits: Getty Images)

The family of one of the deceased aid workers has criticized the UK’s arms sales to Israel, expressing doubt that the government will hold the responsible parties accountable.

They fear that the weapons sold by the UK could be used against their fellow citizens, underscoring the quest for accountability and justice.

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