U.S. Accuses Russia of Chemical Attacks in Ukraine

Ukrainian Soldiers Wearing Gas Masks During A Simulated Chemical Attack In The Donetsk Region Of Ukraine In October.

The United States has formally accused Russia of breaching international conventions by deploying chemical weapons against Ukrainian forces.

The State Department condemned Russia’s use of chloropicrin, a substance known for its lethality and once infamous from its use during World War I. This act, deemed a violation of the global ban on such weapons, has escalated tensions between the two nations.

The State Department’s assertion, made public on Wednesday, outlined Russia’s utilization of chloropicrin as well as tear gas, both prohibited under the Chemical Weapons Convention ratified by over 150 nations, including Russia itself.

According to the statement, such chemical tactics were employed by Russian forces to gain tactical advantages and dislodge Ukrainian troops from fortified positions along the front lines.

State Department Condemns Use of Chloropicrin and Tear Gas, Escalating Diplomatic Rift

(Credits: Mashabuba)

In response to these accusations, Russia’s ambassador to the United States, Anatoly Antonov, denounced the claims as baseless via the Telegram messaging app.

However, Ukrainian authorities have reported over 1,400 instances of suspected chemical weapon use by Russia since the conflict began in February 2022, with an uptick in frequency as the invasion progresses.

The effects of these chemical attacks have been harrowing, with soldiers experiencing symptoms ranging from respiratory distress to severe skin irritation. Despite tear gas being commonly used for crowd control, its deployment in warfare is unequivocally condemned by international bodies.

Russian Servicemen In The Kherson Region Of Ukraine. (Credits: TASS)

The State Department announced punitive measures, including sanctions on three Russian state entities associated with chemical and biological weapons programs, along with four supporting companies.

This escalation underscores the gravity of the situation, with global leaders warning of severe consequences should Russia continue to violate international norms.

A Ukrainian Soldier In Avdiivka Last Year. Russian Forces Captured The City In February After Heavy Fighting.

The use of chemical weapons not only represents a breach of established conventions but also poses significant humanitarian risks on the battlefield. As tensions persist, diplomatic efforts intensify to address the ongoing crisis and prevent further escalation in the region.

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