Target Might Be Selling Extra Inventory on eBay and Poshmark

Online speculators on forums like Reddit have long speculated about the identity of a mysterious third-party seller on eBay and Poshmark, wondering if it could be a disguised version of Target. As it turns out, their suspicions were somewhat accurate.

An eBay account named Bullseye Deals has been operational since 2013, amassing 137,000 followers and selling over 2.6 million items.

Interestingly, all the products listed appear to originate from Target. A similar account emerged on Poshmark in 2022 and has already garnered over 20,000 followers.

While Bullseye Deals’ branding isn’t an exact replica of Target’s logo, its red dot with the silhouette of a bull inside bears a striking resemblance.

These e-commerce accounts provide minimal explanation beyond showcasing the products themselves. The eBay storefront’s description simply states “Resell – Reuse – Recycle.”

However, it offers a diverse range of products typically found in big-box stores, including linens, home goods, and children’s toys.

Target Store

Some listings feature items from Target’s private label lines like A New Day, Boots & Barkley, and Casaluna, categorized as new, open box, or pre-owned, and priced below their original Target listings.

For instance, a floor lamp listed as new on Bullseye Deals is priced at $21.99 compared to its $80 retail price on

The practice of offloading excess merchandise, known as salvage, is common in the retail industry. Stores like TJ Maxx and Burlington obtain off-price products by collaborating with retailers and brands.

Similarly, reverse logistics companies assist consumer-facing brands in managing excess inventory, including returned or discontinued items.

These companies often purchase excess inventory from major retailers in bulk and resell it through various channels.

Bullseye Deals falls into this category, albeit with branding that suggests an association with Target. Sources indicate that all listings are salvage merchandise from Target, acquired by the reverse supply chain services company Liquidity Services, Inc.

A Target spokesperson confirmed that the company behind the Bullseye Deals account purchases salvage merchandise from Target and resells it. However, Liquidity Services, Inc. did not respond to inquiries.

Target Store

Unsellable inventory poses a significant challenge for retailers, with total retail returns estimated at $613.94 billion, representing 8.5% of total retail sales.

Retailers often struggle to return items to shelves due to various reasons, such as opened packaging or light use. Consequently, it may not be financially viable for retailers to reintroduce certain items to the store floor.

Matt Miller, President and COO of Mac Wholesale, noted instances of retailers incorporating their branding when selling excess merchandise.

He cited Best Buy’s Outlet program for refurbished electronics and Macy’s and Nordstrom’s off-price outposts. However, Miller was surprised by Bullseye Deals’ comprehensive product range and conditions. While Target doesn’t directly manage this inventory, it’s aware of its reverse logistics partner’s operations.

Ultimately, e-commerce accounts like Bullseye Deals provide retailers with a strategic outlet for excess merchandise, avoiding waste and retaining control over their brand image. As off-price retail gains traction, retailers are looking into new avenues to manage surplus inventory effectively.

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