Syndigo Announces Kate Dileronzo to Head Foodservice To Improve User Experience

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Today, Syndigo, a SaaS commerce data management provider based in Atlanta, announced the appointment of Kate DiLorenzo as Vice President, Foodservice.

In her new role, DiLorenzo will spearhead the expansion of content syndication capabilities within the foodservice industry, aiming to bolster supplier-distributor interactions to improve user experiences and drive increased revenue for Syndigo’s clientele.

This strategic move underscores Syndigo’s position as a leader in the foodservice sector, offering premier Product Experience Management (PXM) solutions.

Syndigo facilitates the standard distribution of data to distributors, as well as the provisioning of e-commerce-ready content and digital marketing assets for dissemination across distributor networks and digital foodservice platforms.

Syndigo Service

Derek Dean, Syndigo’s President for the Americas, praised DiLorenzo’s extensive industry experience and expertise in product content and global data standards, highlighting her suitability to steer Syndigo’s growth within the market.

Dean emphasized DiLorenzo’s track record in business transformation initiatives, strategic IT planning, and change management, underscoring her value as both a practitioner and a partner to manufacturers, brands, and distributors.

With over two decades of experience in hospitality and foodservice distribution, DiLorenzo is poised to address the industry’s increasing focus on e-commerce and the demand for high-quality product information and digital assets.

Dean further emphasized DiLorenzo’s unique perspective gained from working across various trading partners at Syndigo, enabling her to serve as a valuable thought partner and guide the company’s research and development investments to meet industry needs.

Syndigo Service

Syndigo boasts a rich history of leadership in data and product content for distributor partners, drawing from the expertise of heritage companies like Attribytes, edgenet, FSEnet, and Gladson.

The consolidated Syndigo offering builds upon global data synchronization network (GDSN) standards, incorporating workflows, scorecarding, digital shelf analytics, dynamic rich media widgets for recipient websites, and Master Data Management (MDM) solutions.

Dean reiterated the company’s commitment to empowering clients beyond traditional supplier-distributor interfaces for content syndication.

With DiLorenzo at the helm of the Foodservice practice, Syndigo aims to unlock campaign capabilities and best practices, enhancing the end-user experience.

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