Stanley Cup Available in A New Trendy Summer Color on Amazon

Stanley Tumbler Cup

Could 2024 be dubbed the year of the “big cup”? Specifically, Stanley’s “big cup” epitomizes the trend of oversized cups, and this trend just keeps expanding. Stanley first ignited this trend with the viral Quencher Tumbler, revolutionizing hydration with style.

Continuously innovating, the brand unveils a constant stream of new colors, always hitting the mark with shades we didn’t know we needed until we saw them. Enter the latest addition: the limited-edition Matcha Cream, a tranquil, zen hue that might just become our new favorite.

The Quencher epitomizes the quintessential summer cup, and this pastel green iteration fits the bill perfectly. Neither too vibrant nor too subdued, it strikes just the right balance.

Stanley Tumbler Cup

For those new to the Stanley Tumbler experience, let’s go into what sets it apart.

Stanley Quencher tumblers boast a devoted following for their near-indestructibility and their ability to keep beverages ice-cold or piping hot for hours, or even days, depending on the size.

Their ergonomic and robust comfort grip handles make them easy to hold. Plus, their tapered bases slide effortlessly into car cup holders, making them ideal for on-the-go use.

Speaking from personal experience, the inclusion of a reusable straw that’s easy to clean is a standout feature, eliminating the need for awkward sipping maneuvers.

While the 40-ounce Stanley tumbler offers over 30 color options (quite the selection!), this pastel green Matcha Cream variant is a limited-edition release expected to fly off virtual shelves.

Its matte finish is less prone to fingerprint smudges compared to glossy colors, and its versatile green hue ensures it’s not tied to specific occasions.

In addition to these standout qualities, the true magic of the Stanley Tumbler lies in its unique lid. The FlowState lid features a three-position rotating cover for effortless filling and cleaning.

The straw opening is splash-resistant with a secure seal, while the second opening allows for straw-free sipping, and the third provides a completely closed, leak-resistant top.

Stanley Tumbler Cup

With over 22,000 five-star reviews, it’s no wonder this cup is Amazon’s No. 1 bestselling sports and outdoors item. Many reviewers attest to its superior insulation and praise it as the perfect gift, affirming that it lives up to its claims.

“It keeps the water ice-cold all day and it is from a trusted company,” one satisfied customer wrote. “I grew up with Stanley thermoses and lunch boxes, so I was all in. Looks great and is easy to hold.”

Another initially skeptical shopper declared it “totally worth every penny” after putting it to the test, jokingly adding that they “might even consider taking out a second mortgage for extra cups!” Perhaps not entirely a joke?

Some buyers found the 40-ounce size a tad too large, prompting the brand to release the Matcha Cream color in three smaller sizes, ensuring everyone can enjoy the experience.

Whether you’re seeking an oversized cup for all-day hydration or a thoughtful gift for a loved one, the Stanley Quencher H2.O FlowState Tumbler in Matcha Cream is a must-have.

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