‘Pfizer for All’ Platform Launched to Provide Direct COVID Support

Pfizer for All

Pfizer is aiming to reclaim some of the positive perception it garnered from its successful rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine by introducing the “Pfizer for All” brand on a direct-to-consumer medicines platform, in an attempt to sell drugs directly to US patients.

The New York-based pharmaceutical company has filed a trademark application for a website and app that would offer medical information, mail-order pharmacy services, and telehealth services under the “Pfizer for All” brand, according to a filing with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

These plans represent Pfizer’s latest move to bypass industry intermediaries and directly connect with US patients. Earlier this year, Eli Lilly, a weight loss drugmaker, launched its LillyDirect platform, marking an industry first.

Pfizer for All

Pfizer’s direct-to-consumer platform is being promoted as a healthcare equity initiative aimed at simplifying the often complex process through which US patients access their medications.

The company, known for its role in ending the Covid-19 crisis, intends to leverage its brand equity to demystify the healthcare system for patients, according to sources familiar with the plans.

Markus Saba, a marketing professor at the University of North Carolina Center for the Business of Health and a former communications executive at Eli Lilly, commented, “Lilly broke the mould with LillyDirect and everyone is following with their own unique pitch.”

Pfizer’s favorability score saw a significant increase during the Covid-19 pandemic due to its vaccine rollout, according to YouGov market research. While it has slightly declined since then, it remains higher than pre-pandemic levels.

Pfizer for All

Despite challenges and fluctuations in stock value, Pfizer sees an opportunity to expand its market reach and strengthen its position by offering direct-to-consumer services.

The platform is expected to feature Pfizer’s Covid antiviral Paxlovid, Covid and flu diagnostic kit Lucira, and certain migraine medications later this year.

By providing medical information, pharmacy services, and diagnostic test kits directly to consumers, Pfizer aims to enhance its interaction with patients and gain leverage in negotiations with payers.

While Pfizer declined to provide further comment on the plans, it reiterated its commitment to assisting patients in accessing timely medical information.

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