Online Store Dare Fashion Loses $300K After Burglary At San Francisco Office

Dare Fashion, an online clothing business headquartered in San Francisco, faced a significant setback with a major break-in, posing a threat to the company’s existence.

Ben Wang, the owner who initiated the business 17 years ago, expressed his dismay at the unprecedented scale of the break-in, reflecting on the empty shelves and office space along Market Street. Despite the challenge, Wang remains resolute in his determination to overcome this adversity.

Recalling the burglary on May 1st, Wang outlined his approach to coping with overwhelming emotions, emphasizing the importance of allowing oneself a brief period to process before devising a plan of action.

Wang suspects that the perpetrators gained access to the company’s office by cutting through the plywood of a boarded-up unit on Market Street and emerging from another hole on the second floor, close to Dare Fashion’s premises.

The burglary resulted in a substantial loss of $300,000 worth of electronics and best-selling items, such as 1,000 necklaces and 1,200 costumes.

Despite the setback, Wang managed to salvage remaining merchandise by showcasing it at the IVth Gathering: A World Goth Day Celebration in Alameda, where he received positive feedback from attendees.

Expressing uncertainty about the company’s future, Wang remains determined to persevere. Specializing in Gothic, Victorian, Renaissance, and steampunk attire, Dare Fashion produces all its products in San Francisco and Oakland.

Operating with a small team of two employees, Wang remains committed to San Francisco, a city he holds dear. However, he acknowledged his oversight in securing appropriate business insurance, as Dare Fashion’s current policy lacks coverage for property damage or theft.

In response to the break-in, Wang relocated the remaining inventory to a more secure, compact office space in Japantown. Additionally, he launched a GoFundMe campaign to aid Dare Fashion in its recovery efforts.

Maintaining an optimistic outlook, Wang expressed his willingness to work diligently. He also revealed plans to launch a podcast, sharing insights on working through challenges and setbacks, underscoring his commitment to moving forward.

Mason Williams
Driven by a commitment to integrity and excellence, Mason's writing empowers readers to make informed decisions, facing challenges, and seize opportunities in an increasingly complex world. His work serves as a guiding light, illuminating the way forward amidst uncertainty.