Nordstrom Former CEO, Bruce Nordstrom Passed Away at 90

Bruce Nordstrom

Bruce Nordstrom, former CEO of the renowned retail giant bearing his family name, has passed away at the age of 90.

Nordstrom played a pivotal role in steering the Seattle-based company to substantial growth, cementing its position as a cornerstone in the retail industry.

In a statement to The Seattle Times, his sons Pete and Erik Nordstrom expressed their sentiments, saying, “Our dad will be remembered not only for his significant contributions to Nordstrom but also for his unwavering dedication to his family and friends.”

They highlighted his passion, integrity, and tireless work ethic, noting that his greatest achievement was being an exceptional father, husband, and grandfather.

Bruce Nordstrom

As part of the third generation of family members to lead the company in 1968, Nordstrom, along with two cousins and a cousin-in-law, played a pivotal role in taking the company public in 1971.

Under his leadership, Nordstrom expanded its footprint across several West Coast states, notably California, during the 1970s, propelling it to become the third-largest specialty merchant in the United States.

Reflecting on the company’s trajectory, Nordstrom emphasized the enduring appeal of shoes as a key draw for customers, stating, “That gets them in, and, in the meantime, you sell them everything else.”

Nordstrom continued to contribute to the company’s growth as co-chairman until 1995, remaining on the board until his retirement as chairman in 2006. During his tenure, he oversaw the launch of Nordstrom’s online sales platform.

Bruce Nordstrom

Survived by his wife, Jeannie, sister, three daughters-in-law, and seven grandchildren, Nordstrom leaves behind a lasting legacy in the retail industry. His sons, Pete and Erik, now lead the company as president and chief executive officer, respectively.

Looking ahead, the Nordstrom family remains committed to addressing challenges such as organized retail crime, with Erik Nordstrom emphasizing the importance of safety for employees and customers.

Despite facing losses from shoplifting incidents, the company remains focused on improving the customer experience and driving better financial results, as outlined by Pete Nordstrom in a statement.

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