nexAir to Start A New E-commerce Platform for Better Access to Services

Nexair Service

nexAir has launched a new e-commerce platform aimed at providing better access to and management of its products and services.

Named nexAir Now, this platform is designed to enhance the purchasing experience for customers. It allows users to track and manage current and past orders, as well as support the creation of new requests.

Bill Proctor, President of nexAir, stated, “nexAir Now is more than just a platform; it’s a new tool to streamline processes and increase productivity around the clock.”

nexAir Service

“This initiative reflects our ongoing commitment to innovation and our dedication to providing exceptional service and support to our customers.”

nexAir Now is scheduled to go live on June 3rd. Headquartered in Tennessee, nexAir employs over 700 people across more than 70 locations.

In January 2023, industrial gas major Linde completed its acquisition of nexAir.

nexAir Service

The plans, first announced in October 2022, aimed to boost Linde’s packaged gas business and expand its footprint in the southeastern US.

Before the acquisition, nexAir was one of the largest privately controlled companies in its segment.

Founded in 1940 as Standard Welders Supply, the company was purchased in 1950. In 1996, Standard Welders merged with Mid-South Oxygen to form nexAir.

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