Navan AI Launches its Commercial Fashion Tech Platform platform

Navan AI, a company specializing in generative AI and computer vision solutions, based in Singapore, is excited to announce the commercial launch of its FashionTech platform following a successful trial period with various fashion brands in Singapore and India.

Harnessing the capabilities of generative AI, offers significant time and cost savings for apparel designers, enhancing their creative process and allowing them to look for and experiment with numerous options.

What usually involves a 10-step process from ideation to market, taking weeks, can now be accomplished in half the steps within hours.

With, designers can generate design variations or entirely new designs by merely describing their concepts.

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The platform’s visualization feature provides a 360-degree view of the product, allows designers to “try out” the design on AI-generated fashion models, and produces photoshoot-quality images.

This process eliminates the need to print designs on fabric, saving money and reducing waste, thereby promoting sustainability in apparel design.

“We are thrilled to launch for all involved in apparel and fashion design, from independent designers and boutique studios to large apparel brands.

Designers no longer need to feel restricted by time and budget constraints to bring their design ideas to life,” said Santosh Rout, Founder and CEO of Navan AI.

“Our affordable SaaS-model pricing makes a transformative tool that democratizes apparel design, empowering designers to unleash their creativity with speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.” platform also assists e-commerce companies by automating cataloging tasks with AI, saving hundreds of hours of manual work.

“The Indian fashion market, growing at a double-digit CAGR, is expected to be worth over US$125 billion by 2025, with the whole apparel market size projected to reach US$350 billion by 2030.

We are on the brink of a ‘creative explosion’ in this sector, and a platform like equips creators with the right tools to capitalize on this significant opportunity. We look forward to contributing to the technology-driven transformation of the apparel design sector in India.”

Apparel designers and e-commerce sellers can sign up for a free trial or choose from various paid subscription plans to fully leverage the capabilities of this AI-driven FashionTech platform.

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