eGrowcery and CresLane Get Together to Form Omnichannel Retail Solutions

Creslane - eGrowcery

In an era where supermarket retailers are increasingly integrating grocery e-commerce with physical store interactions, eGrowcery and CresLane Retail Solutions have announced a strategic partnership to support this omnichannel approach.

The goal is to Combine eGrowcery’s expertise in white-label e-commerce platforms for the retail food sector with CresLane’s comprehensive POS systems.

The collaboration aims to provide advanced, shopper-centric e-commerce solutions that seamlessly integrate with in-person sales channels.

This integration is expected to enhance the consumer shopping experience while boosting operational efficiencies for supermarket retailers.

Creslane – eGrowcery

Together, eGrowcery and CresLane offer a suite of standardized technology solutions tailored for grocery retailers.

This joint initiative not only expedites the implementation of digital and in-store technologies but also enhances promotional management and elevates both in-store and online customer experiences.

“Retailers must ensure the accuracy of their product data across channels to avoid service issues or worse.

The systems provided by eGrowcery and CresLane eliminate these challenges and create new marketing opportunities for retailers to set themselves apart,” commented Pat Hughes, CEO of eGrowcery, headquartered in Bloomfield, Michigan.

Food Depot, a 42-store supermarket chain in Georgia utilizing technologies from both eGrowcery and CresLane, has reportedly reaped numerous benefits from this collaboration.

Creslane – eGrowcery

These include quicker updates, precise financial and POS reconciliations, improved services, and heightened operational flexibility.

“The eGrowcery-CresLane partnership mitigates the risk and effort Food Depot would encounter with non-standardized solutions.

Moreover, it offers enhanced functionality for our customers, resulting in a smoother and user-friendly interface,” noted Michael Brown, head of e-commerce at Food Depot.

Jon Bohrer, CEO of CresLane based in San Antonio, added,

“The collaboration between eGrowcery and CresLane equips retailers like Food Depot with a suite of tools that not only enhance marketing capabilities but also enable more precise pricing strategies, streamlining the entire e-commerce process for both shoppers and retailers.”

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