eBay Gives Brands New Way to List Clothing to Encourage Circularity

eBay Clothing

eBay is bringing an innovative “resell on eBay” feature designed to simplify the process of listing clothing on its platform.

Developed as part of eBay’s commitment to enhancing the circular fashion economy, this feature allows users to list their clothing with just a few clicks. Integrated into Certilogo’s Secure by Design™ digital ID, the feature is accessible by scanning a connected product’s smart label.

Leading the way in piloting this feature is Save The Duck, an Italian outerwear and lifestyle brand, with their connected garments featuring the new resell button rolling out from May. eBay plans to extend this service to other brands using the Certilogo Digital ID, aiming to make it a default function of its Secure by Design™ technology.

eBay Clothing

Charis Marquez, Global GM of Fashion at eBay, emphasized the importance of reducing barriers to recommerce, stating, “Reducing friction and removing barriers to brands and consumers engaging in recommerce is crucial to fostering a pre-loved fashion marketplace.”

The process is straightforward: users scan the QR code on their product’s smart label, and a “resell on eBay” button appears in the digital brand experience. Michele Casucci, CEO and founder of Certilogo, highlighted the ease of securely reselling products, making the circular shopping experience more accessible for everyone.

This new feature is part of eBay’s ongoing efforts to enhance the selling experience. Last year, the company introduced a customized listing flow tailored for sneakers, which was well-received by sellers.

eBay Clothing

Additionally, eBay launched a listing tool that uses AI to extrapolate details from images, streamlining the listing process for sellers and providing buyers with more information about potential purchases.

Nicolas Bargi, Save The Duck CEO & Founder, expressed the brand’s commitment to transparency and sustainability, stating, “To be the first brand to use this new eBay and Certilogo technology reinforces our commitment to ensuring maximum transparency to our community.”

eBay acquired Certilogo in July 2023 to bolster pre-owned authentication through secure-by-design digital authentication technology. The process is seamless: users scan the Digital ID on a product’s smart label, authenticate the item through Certilogo’s AI-based system, and then proceed to list the item for sale on eBay.

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