Another Bank of America Employee Dies Within Weeks of Leo Lukenas Passing Away

Bank of America

A Bank of America employee, 25-year-old Adnan Deumic, passed away suddenly while playing soccer Thursday night, just weeks after a 35-year-old investment banker from the same company died of a blood clot.

Confirming Deumic’s death, Bank of America expressed deep shock and sorrow over the loss of a vibrant young colleague. A spokesperson reiterated the company’s commitment to offering full support to Deumic’s family, friends, and grieving coworkers.

Deumic, based in the United Kingdom, had been with Bank of America since July 2022, serving as a credit portfolio and algorithmic trader, as indicated by his LinkedIn profile.

Bank of America

His tragic death occurred shortly after the passing of Leo Lukenas, 35, who worked in the bank’s investment banking group in New York City. Lukenas succumbed to an acute coronary artery thrombus, according to the New York City Office of the Chief Medical Examiner.

Reportedly, Lukenas, who had been logging over 100 hours per week, had expressed a desire to leave his job prior to his death, according to a recruiter familiar with the situation.

Bank of America

Lukenas, a former Green Beret, joined Bank of America in March 2023 and swiftly rose to the position of investment banking associate.

Bank of America expressed profound sadness at the loss of both employees, emphasizing their commitment to providing support to the bereaved families and affected colleagues.

While Deumic had a more conventional work schedule compared to Lukenas, both deaths have deeply impacted the Bank of America community.

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