Amazon to Include Subscription of Grubhub in All Prime Memberships

Grubhub - Amazon Prime

Amazon is enhancing the perks of its $139-a-year Prime membership by offering free Grubhub subscriptions to its members.

Previously, Prime members received a yearlong subscription to Grubhub, entitling them to free delivery on orders over $12.

However, Amazon has now made Grubhub a permanent feature of its membership program, as announced on Thursday.

Additionally, individuals without Prime can now place Grubhub orders directly through Amazon’s website and mobile app.

Grubhub – Amazon Prime

In recent years, Amazon has been consistently augmenting its array of Prime benefits to attract and retain members, especially amidst mounting competition from the loyalty programs of Walmart and Target.

Besides offering rapid shipping and video streaming, the company has introduced discounted One Medical memberships to the program.

In July 2022, Amazon secured the rights to acquire a 2% stake in Grubhub, the U.S. arm of Just Eat

Grubhub – Amazon Prime

Just Eat disclosed that Amazon could potentially raise its stake to 15% of Grubhub based on certain performance metrics, such as the acquisition of new customers.

Although Amazon once operated a food-delivery service that rivaled Grubhub, Uber Eats, and DoorDash, called Amazon Restaurants, it discontinued the service in 2019 to concentrate on grocery delivery.

Since then, Amazon has expanded its selection of non-perishable items and pantry staples available on its platform. Moreover, it offers online ordering from its Whole Foods and Fresh supermarkets.

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