Amazon Launches Online Shopping Platform in South Africa

Amazon in South Africa

The U.S.-based e-commerce giant Amazon has broadened its reach to South Africa by introducing a dedicated online shopping platform,

The newly launched website caters to South African clientele, offering access to a diverse array of products spanning 20 categories, inclusive of both international and local brands.

Amazon in South Africa

Accessible through the Amazon shopping app as well as desktop and mobile browsers, the platform showcases renowned international brands such as HP, Apple, Sony, and Maybelline, alongside offerings from South African vendors like Masodi, Amanda-Jayne, and King Kong Leather. presents customers with the convenience of same-day and next-day delivery options, with the added feature of order tracking through WhatsApp.

Amazon in South Africa

Additionally, the retailer extends a 30-day return policy, offering the flexibility of home pickup or self-drop options.

In terms of customer service, Amazon provides assistance via email, phone, and live chat. South African customers are entitled to complimentary delivery on their first orders and subsequent purchases exceeding R500 ($27).

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