Amazon Launches Latest Robotics Fulfillment Center in Canada

Amazon Robotic Fulfillment Centre

US e-commerce giant Amazon has inaugurated its latest robotics fulfillment center, YYC4, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

The facility covers 2.8 million square feet and employs over 1,500 individuals.

YYC4 is designed to expedite customer orders through advanced technology while providing employees with valuable skills training and career advancement opportunities.

Amazon YYC4 general manager Sushant Jha stated, “Amazon is thrilled to invest in Calgary while benefitting our employees, customers, and the community.

Amazon Robotic Fulfillment Centre

Through the ingenuity of our Amazon Robotics technology, we are creating new career paths and development opportunities. At the same time, we are delivering to customers at our fastest speeds ever with our safest, most sophisticated, and most advanced operations network.”

With the new facility, Amazon now operates five fulfillment centers, one sortation center, three delivery stations, and two AMXL delivery stations in Alberta.

Amazon Robotics fulfillment centers enable employees to work alongside automated systems and robots, enhancing efficiency and safety.

The robotics technology at YYC4 includes RWC4, a robotic arm that sorts totes and constructs pallets for shipping, and Kermit, a trolley that transports empty totes and dynamically adapts its speed and route.

Amazon Robotic Fulfillment Centre

These advancements not only streamline operations but also provide employees with hands-on experience with cutting-edge technology.

YYC4 learning trainer Danielle Olliviere commented, “I’ve learned a lot working with Amazon Robotics. The goal isn’t just to master new technology, but to chart a whole new career path.

Seeing my colleagues embrace this innovation has been really inspiring for me as a learning trainer. We’re not just keeping up with the times; we’re shaping the future.”

Earlier this month, Amazon expanded its services to South Africa with the launch of a dedicated online shopping platform,

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