AliExpress Joins Forces With KOIPA To Fight Counterfeit Products

Alibaba Company

AliExpress, the cross-border marketplace operated by Alibaba Group, is intensifying its efforts to combat counterfeit activities in South Korea, aligning with broader initiatives by national authorities to safeguard consumers.

In a move signaling their commitment to tackling counterfeits, AliExpress, a subsidiary of Alibaba International Digital Commerce Group (AIDC), and the Korea Intellectual Property Protection Agency (KOIPA) formalized their dedication through a memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed on Thursday.

During the annual International Anti-Counterfeiting Coalition conference in Florida, KOIPA President Kim Yong-sun and Alibaba International Vice President and Head of Global IP Enforcement Matthew Bassiur inked the agreement, underscoring a collaborative stance against counterfeit products.

Alibaba and Koipa Against Counterfeit Products

Kim Yong-sun emphasized the significance of the agreement, stating, “This agreement is significant in that it establishes a voluntary and effective cooperation system with e-commerce companies like Alibaba International and AliExpress Korea to collaborate in preventing the distribution of counterfeit products in the rapidly increasing online market.”

With the exponential growth of e-commerce, ensuring the availability of authentic goods and a secure online environment for consumers is paramount for platforms and regulatory bodies alike.

Alibaba and Koipa Against Counterfeit Products

The newly established MoU aims to foster closer collaboration between AliExpress and KOIPA, bolstering proactive anti-counterfeiting measures such as imposing sanctions on counterfeiters and suspending websites.

Ray Zhang, Director Representative of AliExpress Korea, expressed satisfaction with the platform’s proactive stance towards intellectual property protection, affirming, “AliExpress Korea is pleased to take a leading role in IP protection by continuing Alibaba’s longstanding cooperation with KOIPA.”

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