US Imposes Sanctions on Entities Linked to West Bank Settlers

The U.S. Treasury Department Building (Credits: AP)

In a move aimed at curbing support for violent extremists in the West Bank, the United States has imposed sanctions on two entities accused of facilitating fundraising activities for individuals already targeted with US sanctions.

The Mount Hebron Fund reportedly conducted an online fundraising campaign, collecting $140,000 for settler Yinon Levi, who had previously been sanctioned for leading assaults on Palestinian and Bedouin civilians, as well as damaging their property.

Crackdown Targets Fundraising for Violent Extremists

The U.S. Treasury Department Building (Credits: AP)

Similarly, Shlom Asiraich is accused of raising $31,000 through a crowdfunding platform for David Chai Chasdai. Chasdai is alleged to have initiated and led a riot resulting in the death of a Palestinian civilian, as well as causing extensive property damage in Huwara.

Treasury Deputy Secretary Wally Adeyemo condemned the actions of these organizations, emphasizing their detrimental impact on the peace and stability of the West Bank. He reaffirmed the US commitment to holding those responsible for such acts of violence and instability accountable.

Palestinian Men Inspects A Damaged House In The Village Of Qusra (Credits: AP)

By targeting entities that enable and support violent extremism, Washington aims to disrupt networks fueling instability and uphold the principles of peace and security in the region.

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